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Company activities

We are an exclusive partner of leading German and Swiss manufacturers and we are inspired by the quality of the products and their long life, low maintenance and operation costs. Our professional ethics is leading in the recommendations to our customers about the selection of equipment, namely products that will serve you at home or in your business in the long run with minimal cost in terms of their use.

As professionals with experience in building and maintenance of swimming pools, steam baths and spa facilities in thermal zones, we know that one of the most important elements of relaxation and wellness centres, namely technology, is hidden behind the beautiful design. It is also the most serious investment and is often overlooked at the expense of other items in these spaces. Our philosophy is that the quality of the water in the pools and the quality of the steam bath equipment are the main critical and most important points. Our products are certified and manufactured in Germany and meet all the modern quality standards in terms of their long-term operation, unique patented systems and numerous references worldwide.

In addition we offer:

- subscription preventive maintenance of your spa equipment (swimming pools, steam baths, saunas, hammam, etc.)

- diagnosing  and solving of problems

- assembly and disassembly